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Fall 1999

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Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve

     We'll return to Jasper Ridge on Nov. 13 to move a portion of the Mapache Trail out of Corte Madera Creek. When we completed work on the trail in 1996, the creek channel was about 150 feet away, but El Nino storms brought down so much silt that the stream shifted and eroded part of the trail. We'll reroute the section uphill, well out of the creek. We'll also clear brush on nearby trails.

Arastradero Preserve

     We're working with Bay Area Action's Arastradero Preserve Stewardship Project to map the trails, with an eye toward problem sections, possible improvements and an all-weather backbone of trails.

     If you would like to get involved with any of our trail projects, e-mail us at or call us at 650-968-7065. See our Calendar & Activity Guide for dates of upcoming events.

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