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Early Spring 1999

From the Editor

      by Scott Heeschen

      Just hours ago, hail was pecking at the windows and snow was falling on the mountains around the Bay. And an hour before that, the sun was shining brightly. And a few hours before that, it was hailing and snowing around the Bay area. All day long I was treated to the glorious colors of rainbows, the sight of snow on the hills, the clatter of hail, and the warming rays of the sun. Spring weather can be full of changes, and I was certainly witness to some of them today. The weather's not all that's changing. Dea Smith, our president, has left the Board of Directors. I for one will miss her and wish her the best in her future pursuits. Her time and help in the office have been greatly appreciated by all of us here.
     Another change is that Janet Clark, our office coordinator, has left. Her efforts at getting the office to run smoothly have also been greatly appreciated. Thank you, Janet. Hopefully all of you will be receiving this issue by Earth Day, since that's the topic of our cover story, in which Geoffrey Skinner, our chief trail planner reflects on trail-building from an environmental perspective. We're also introducing what I hope is a regular feature: a book review. Also, don't worry about the missing hike in this issue - it will return next time.

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