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The Trail Companion (ISSN 1528-0241 (print); 1094-222X (online)) is the quarterly newsletter of the Trail Center.

Editor: Scott Heeschen
Staff Writer: Geoffrey Skinner

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The Trail Companion

Summer 1999

From the Editor

     by Scott Heeschen

     A few new columns which we hope to make into regulars - Park News, summarizing what's been happening with local land, and Along the Trail, where members get highlighted, premier in this issue. As our lead article mentions, we're going quarterly and we plan to have a theme for each issue. By announcing the themes early enough we hope to provide our members with chances to submit articles along the themes' lines (though you needn't be restricted by that).
     Here are the themes we hope to cover over the next few issues:

  • Fall 1999: Trails and the Americans with Disabilities Act - focus on what new guidelines mean for access and trail design, and a survey of access on the Penninsula and South Bay.
  • Winter 1999/2000: Taking Trails into the Next millennium - where have we come from, where are we, and where are we headed. Also an overview of the changing face of public lands since the TC's inception.
As usual, please send comments, especially now where lots of things are changing.

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