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Theme: Parks with a Past

A Brief History of Bay Area Parks and Open Space
   Pt. 1, 1840s-1950s

A Conservation Timeline
   Pt. 1, 1840s-1950s

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   Pt. 1, San Mateo County

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Theme: Parks with a Past

A Conservation Timeline
Part 1, From the 1840s through the 1950s


1918 Spring. Save-the-Redwoods League organized.
1921 Mt. Diablo State Park created
1924 Memorial Park, San Mateo County's first county park, established.
Santa Clara County establishes Stevens Creek Park.
1927 Jan. 15. Dumbarton Bridge, first auto bridge over the bay, opens.
State legislature creates the Division of Parks, establishes the State Park Commission, provides for a state-wide park survey, proposes a state park bond issue, authorizes formation of local park districts, and acquires Mount Tamalpais for a state park.
Santa Clara County establishes Mount Madonna Park.
1928 California Park Survey (Olmsted Plan) recommends over 150 projects for state acquisition.
Voters approve state park bonds.
East Bay Municipal Utility District buys the East Bay Water Company's land holdings.
1929 San Mateo Bridge completed.
1930 Dec. 1. Olmsted-Hall Report proposes creation of East Bay Regional Park District.
1930 William Bourn II sells the Spring Valley Water Company to San Francisco.
Mount Tamalpais State Park established.
1931 Apr. Mt. Diablo designated a unit of the new State Park System.
1932 San Mateo County creates a park and recreation department and a master recreation plan.
1933 Kruse Rhododendron Reserve established.
Legislature passes the Regional Park District Act.
1934 State Park Commission buys Armstrong Grove from Sonoma County, making the county park a state park.
Oct. 24. First water from Hetch Hetchy Reservoir flows into the Crystal Springs Lakes.
Nov. 6. East Bay Regional Park District established.
1936 East Bay Regional Park District establishes Redwood Regional Park, Roundtop Regional Park, Lake Temescal Regional Park, and Charles Lee Tilden Regional Park.
Nov. 12. San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge completed.
1937 May 27. Golden Gate Bridge opened.
"Save the beaches" campaign begins in Marin County.
1944 San Mateo County establishes Huddart Park.
1956 San Mateo County establishes Junipero Serra Park.
1957 Sam MacDonald leaves 400 acres near La Honda to Stanford University for use as a park.
1958 Henry W. Coe State Park established.
Año Nuevo State Reserve established.
1959 City of Palo Alto establishes Foothills Park.
San Mateo County establishes Sam McDonald Park after receiving the land from Stanford.

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