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A Brief History of Bay Area Parks and Open Space
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   Pt. 1, 1840s-1950s

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Fall 2000

Park News

California State Parks

Castle Rock State Park

CRSP Trail Management Plan

The Castle Rock Trails Committee (CRTC) is making headway in assessing the current trails and possible additions to the trail system. Committee members, including Dave Croker and Geoffrey Skinner, have made several field trips throughout the park to look at potential new trails, particularly near the proposed Partridge Farm campground and in the northwestern corner of the park. Once the trail assessment is complete, the Committee will draw up a plan and submit it to the State for approval.

Waterman Gap Purchase

The Sempervirens Fund has signed a contract to purchase Waterman Gap, a 1,340 acre parcel, from the San Lorenzo Valley Water District for $10.9 million. The property is located on the southwestern border of Castle Rock State Park and will bring the total acreage of the park to just under 5,000 acres.
      The Waterman Gap property, also known as the San Lorenzo River Redwoods, was heavily logged at the turn of the century, but has remained relatively untouched since then. Though the Water District had received two higher offers from logging companies interested in the lumber resource, it chose to follow the mandate of its Citizen Advisory Council which recommended the parcel be preserved.
      The Sempervirens Fund is seeking funding to help pay purchase costs and can be reached at or (650) 968-4509. For more information see the Fund's project information.

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

Bike Closures Ahead

As reported earlier, MRSOD plans to close seven preserves to bikes this fall (Foothills, La Honda Creek, Los Trancos, Picchetti Ranch, Pulgas Ridge, Teague Hill, and Thornewood Open Space Preserves). The closures will take place in conjunction with other seasonal trail closures after the first major rains.

Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

Fires around the state caused cancellation of the proscribed burn at Russian Ridge this summer. The burn had been scheduled for the beginning of August; crews had already built firebreaks and had burned a few small areas in preparation, but the California Dept. of Forestry personnel were needed to fight the fires in Los Padres and Sequoia National Forests. MROSD has rescheduled the burn for late September to mid-October, depending on weather conditions.

Stanford University's Dish Area

Stanford University's Dish area has been reopened, with new restrictions in place. Visitors must stay on paved paths leading from the four gates and dogs are now prohibited. For more information, see the Dish website or call (650) 926-0275.

Trail Center Notes

Great trail improvements and wildlife encounters on summer projects at Portola Redwoods SP...Timely trail work on Sanborn-Skyline County Park's Skyline Trail...Ridge Trail surveying at Sanborn-Skyline.

Upcoming Events

Community Impact Day 2000 at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve...Build a Puncheon at Portola Redwoods State Park...Tool Party, Volunteer Appreciation and Annual Meeting.

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