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Bay Area Ridge Trail, Sanborn-Skyline County Park

In late July, members of the Projects Committee met with Santa Clara County

Scott Heeschen surveys new Ridge Trail at Sanborn-Skyline
Scott Heeschen surveys new Ridge Trail at Sanborn-Skyline
Photo by Geoffrey Skinner
Parks staff met with SC County Parks staff and Bob Powers, Bay Area Ridge Trail Council's South and East Bay Trails Director, to determine the rough route for the Ridge Trail between the current end of the Skyline Trail two miles south of Summit Rock and the Lake Ranch Reservoir. One surprise of the trip was seeing the multitude of flags from earlier attempts, including some distinctive flags left by Geoffrey Skinner in 1988 or 1989.
      We returned in September to fine-tune the route, which incorporates an old road that passes through an old walnut orchard halfway down before entering private property. The steep canyons and ridges made finding a good route difficult, but we believe we have chosen a reasonable one. Final approval awaits environmental assessment, which we expect to be complete by the end of the year. If the route is approved, we hope to begin construction early in 2001.

      Thank you surveyors: Scott Heeschen, Justin Knowles, Tim Oren, and Geoffrey Skinner.

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