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Meeting with Pan at Midnight - Rachel Oliver

Apogee - Brian Kunde


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Summer 2000

Wild Lit

Meeting with Pan at Midnight

Rachel Oliver

By the Pacific Crest Trail
Teddy Bear warms his flanks
by the campfire while a full moon sings
through dark needles edgesparkled
Frilled horns     swept back    gleam
brushstroked by moongold
his cud shifts side to side
Midnight bliss!

Wakened by a big cat yowl
I burst from the sleeping bag
stumble toward embers
where Buck and Macaroni are nested
within their goat dreams:
Fields of daisies     Uninterrupted chow time
No Tecate to tote     No tents to lug

But...what if their pleasure is to work?
To be links in a pack train?
What if their pleasure is to pleasure?
To be healers?

Mac finds my tired thighs
rubs first gently    then bears down
neck muscles thick from carrying
those groovy horns atop his handsome head
Deep tissue goat massage!
Can you believe it?
'A little more here!    Yes!     Yes!
Now on this side...oh that's so good!'

After my bestial rubdown Mac's celestial gift
I snuggle down    cocooned by love
from sources not before considered
to drift along on my own
tahini dreams

      Rachel Oliver writes, "I'm a psychologist, wildlife enthusiast, inveterate hiker/backpacker who has in the last few years discovered the pleasures of writing poetry. I often compose poems while I'm hiking. I take along a mini-recorder. I've been published in In the Grove, ¡ZamBomba! and Taproot.

Meeting with Pan at Midnight - Rachel Oliver
Apogee - Brian Kunde

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