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Summer 2000

Trail Center Notes


      Special thanks to Karen Cotter of Bay Area Action, for a great deal of behind the scenes organizing; to all the Crew Leaders and Trainees for providing superb leadership; to Shilpi Saran for helping with registration on CA Trail Days; and to Pat Oren, for updating our First Aid kits.

Portola Redwoods State Park, July 15

We held the first of two days of trail maintenance projects in Portola Redwoods SP, both with camping available on the preceding night. On July 15, a small crew worked to clear brush and repair trail tread on the Coyote Ridge and Upper Coyote Ridge Trails. Near the south end of Coyote Ridge Trail, a steep outslope combined with a narrow tread had made the trail difficult to travel, while brush had overtaken Upper Coyote Ridge Trail in several locations; the tread had broken down in those same locations.

Bay Area Ridge Trail, Sanborn-Skyline County Park

Members of the Projects Committee met with SC County Parks staff and Bob Powers, Bay Area Ridge Trail Council's South and East Bay Trails Director, and began the survey for the Ridge Trail segment between the current end of the Skyline Trail two miles south of Summit Rock and the Lake Ranch in Sanborn-Skyline County Park. We expect to complete the survey by the end of August.


Peninsula Parklands, 3rd ed. has finally hit the shelves. Wilderness Press now has the new revision of our popular map in stock and it is also available from many area retailers. Publication of our new Trail Map of the Central Peninsula has unfortunately been delayed until fall, with no firm date yet.

Trail Center Website

We have updated several of our guides to Bay Area recreation and have made them available on our website. You can now access the following guides from our Outdoor Recreation Guides section, as well as a number of hikes and rides from past issues of the Trail Companion:

  • Trails for You and Your Dog [HTML] [PDF]
  • Disabilities-Accessible Trails and Parks on the San Francisco Peninsula and in the South Bay [HTML] [PDF]
  • Where Can I Ride My Horse? [HTML] [PDF]
  • Let's Go Horseback Riding! Where to Hire a Horse for Trail Riding [HTML] [PDF]
  • Where to Camp on the San Francisco Peninsula and in the South Bay Area [HTML] [PDF]
  • Mountain Biking on the San Francisco Peninsula and in the South Bay Area [HTML] [PDF]

      Thanks to volunteer Bernadette Yap, we are slowly expanding our catalogue of useful links, including links to parks and open spaces, other trails organizations, and a plethora of trail- and park-related resources.

Trail Center Office

It's official - Committee for Green Foothills will share the Trail Center office through December, with a possible extension. Denise Dade, Executive Director of CGF, has taken up residence in our underutilized office to make room in their own crowded office. The CGF staff has expanded with help from a grant from the Packard Foundation.

Trail Companion

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado is reprinting our article on the National Outdoor Volunteer Network (originally published in our Winter issue) in their upcoming newsletter. As a result of the article, we are enjoying reinvigorated ties with our old NOVN affiliates.

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