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Bear Following Birds - Maya Khosla

Union Valley Reservoir - Crystal Koch

Circles - Janice Dabney


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Winter 2000

Wild Lit

A Note from the Literary Editor

by Geoffrey Skinner

In this issue, we feature new works by three California poets:

Bear Following Birds - Maya Khosla
Union Valley Reservoir - Crystal Koch
Circles - Janice Dabney

     As literary editor, I am seeking submissions of poetry on themes of trails, parks, wilderness and the outdoors or human-powered recreation in the outdoors--hiking, horses, biking, climbing, camping, etc. Geographic settings should focus on the Bay Area, but other areas of California and the West are acceptable. Poems should be no more than a 30 lines. No compensation is available, but we will send two paper copies of the issue in which the poem(s) appear. Copyright reverts to the author upon publication (pieces included in the online version by permission of their respective authors).
     Short prose pieces on the same themes are also welcome.
     Deadline for submission for the Winter 2000 issue is Friday, March 11th, 2000. Submissions may be sent via e-mail to or mailed to the Trail Center.

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