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Winter 2000

Letter from the Editor

     By Scott Heeschen

     I've lived in this area for a little over ten years, all that time working at high-tech companies. Sometimes, a co-worker would joke about someone writing the history of the company when they were doing something useless - referring to the need to constantly look forward in the rapidly changing technology market. Looking back is often considered a waste of time. I understand this sentiment, but don't totally agree with it. It's only when looking back that you see your accomplishments and what you've learned, and from that, decide where to go next.
     We here at the trail center decided to spend this first issue of the year 2000 looking back at our beginnings and what we've done over the years. We've got a history of the Trail Center, along with a complete list of all the trailwork we've done in our 17 years. A lot this information has been reconstructed well after the fact, so if you notice any omissions or have extra information, please let us know! In addition, if you have any photos from some of the early projects, and are either willing to part with them, make copies or scan them in, we'd really appreciate adding them to our collection.
     Hope you enjoy reviewing what the Trail Center has been up to, and thank you all for your support and volunteer time through the years. Don't worry, though, we're still looking ahead for our next projects!

Coming up...

Spring 2000
Bay Area Wildflowers: Celebrate spring with tips on the best hikes and rides through area parks and open space preserves for flowers and other treasures

Summer 2000
Long Distance Hiking in the Bay Area: Long distance footpaths are a lot closer than the Sierra (and not just the Bay Area Ridge Trail and Skyline-to-the-Sea). Get to know the Bay Area without a car well as news of Trail Center events, park news, and new literary works from California writers.

     We're always looking for contributions to the newsletter-trail and park issues, hike/bike/ride descriptions, book reviews, volunteer opportunities, and literary works (poetry or prose) on wilderness, the outdoors and human-powered outdoor recreation (and you needn't be restricted by the issue theme). Articles may be up to 250 words in length (feature articles may be longer). We may also be interested in reprinting or adapting articles published elsewhere in print or linking to articles published electronically.

Deadlines for upcoming issues:
Spring 2000: Friday, March 3
Summer 2000: Friday, June 2

     Submit literary works or questions to Geoffrey Skinner, Literary Editor, c/o of theTrail Center or by e-mail, ; all others, to Scott Heeschen, Trail Companion Editor, c/o the Trail Center or by e-mail, .

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