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Ridge Trail, Sanborn-Skyline County Park
We expect to begin work this summer on a new section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail in Sanborn Skyline County Park (Santa Clara County). We will initially survey the portion between the current end of the Skyline Trail two miles south of Summit Rock and the Lake Ranch area. Construction will likely take place during spring 2001.

Arastradero Preserve
We'll join forces again with Bay Area Action's Arastradero Preserve Stewardship Project for California Trail Days/Earth Day 2000 and also for National Trails Day. We expect to reroute a portion of the Acorn Trail near the Corte Madera Trail. Thanks to a grant from the California State Parks Foundation, we will enjoy new additions to our tool stocks, including several new loppers, mattocks and saws.

Cloverdale Ranch (POST)
Planning is underway for a weekend trail build on the Peninsula Open Space Trust's Cloverdale Ranch. Cloverdale Ranch, located on the coast near Año Nuevo, south of Pescadero, is POST's first land management project. Much of the several-hundred acre ranch will remain in agricultural production or will otherwise remain closed to public access, but large sections will be transferred to the State of California for addition to Butano State Park and other areas will have limited public access, including a 0.8 mile trail near Pigeon Point Lighthouse. Although the project is still in the early stages, we're hoping to stage an event in early fall to build this coastside trail, with overnight accommodations at the Pigeon Point Hostel, Butano State Park, or on Cloverdale Ranch itself. More details on this exciting opportunity will be available as plans are settled.

     If you would like to get involved with any of our projects, e-mail us at or call us at 650-968-7065. See the Calendar & Activity Guide for dates of upcoming trail events.

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