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Theme: The Trail Center at the End of the Millennium

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Theme: The Trail Center at the End of the Millennium

A Catalog of Trail Projects, 1983-1999


Edgewood County Park (SMC)

Clarkia Trail
(1986; 1 day): Trail restoration.

El Sereno Open Space Preserve (MROSD)

[Overlook Rd. connector]
(1992; proposed): New trail would have provided access to Preserve, but TC surveyors recommended against project due to unstable hillside.

Fall Creek Unit, Henry Cowell State Park

North Fork Trail
(1984; SCMTD; co-sponsored by SCMTA; 27 vols.): stream crossing rerouted, 4 mi. of trail repaired.
Pine Flat Trail
(1985; SCMTD; cosponsored by SCMTA and Sempervirens Fund; 15 vols.): New trail construction.

Forest of Nisene Marks

[Unspecified trail]
(1984; SCMTD; co-sponsored by SCMTA; 55 vols.): 0.5 mi. of new trail construction
[Unspecified trail]
(1986; CTD, 81 vols.): New trail construction on 2-mile loop.

California Trail Days
California Trail Days (date and location unknown)

Fremont Older Open Space Preserve (MROSD)

Seven Springs Loop Trail
(1986; CTD; 49 vols.): Tread restoration.

Half Moon Bay, City of

Pilarcitos Creek Trail
(1985; proposed): Unrealized trail project connecting City to beach.

Hakone Gardens (City of Saratoga)

Hakone Wilderness Trail
(1992-1993; 12 days; 266 vols.): We built a new quarter-mile long trail from Big Basin Way (Hwy 9) to the gardens in order to provide pedestrian access for Saratoga residents and others. Steep terrain, interesting drainage patterns resulting from road runoff and old skid routes made this a challenging project. Dedicated in 1993. Although most visitors arrive by car, the trail gets moderate use during the summer.

Huddart County Park (SMC)

Chickadee Trail
(1987-1988; 7 days, incl. 1988 CTD): Assist County crews with finish treadwork and constructing handrails for new 3800-ft. wheelchair-accessible nature trail.
Dean Trail
(1984; SCMTD; co-sponsored by SCMTA and SMC Parks; 50 vols.): 25 ft. bridge constructed.
Redwood Trail
(1984; See Dean Trail, 1984): Bridge and steps constructed.
Skyline Trail
(1986; 1 day): Trail repair between Kings Mountain Rd. to Wunderlich Park.
(1989; 1 day; 25 vols.): Bay Area Ridge Trail pseudo-project photo opportunity for a National Geographic article on trails and greenways ("Greenways: Paths to the Future", June 1990, p. 77-99). 100 ft. of new trail built, but abandoned when County built Skyline Trail in a different location. Photos not used, either.
(1989-1990; 5 days; 107 vols.): Constructed approx. one mile of new trail at the west edge of Huddart Park, connecting the top of the Archery Fire Road (opposite Purisima Creek Road) with the top of Richards Road, traversing parallel to Skyline Boulevard through redwood groves and mixed forest. As far as Huddart's trail system goes, this trail is a long-cut, not an obvious choice for loop hikes from either top or bottom of park. It does provide a level route across the top of the park, which with the GGNRA's acquisition of the Phleger Estate, makes it an important route for longer loop hikes along Skyline and between the two parks.
[Unspecified trail(s)]
(1985; SCMTD; cosponsored by SCMTA and Sempervirens Fund; 85 vols.): Trail maintenance.
(1986; see Skyline Trail, 1986): build 1/3-mile horse trail connecting to Woodside equestrian trails; construct 350 ft. of split rail fence to prevent switchbacking.

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