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Theme: The Trail Center at the End of the Millennium

A Catalog of Trail Projects, 1983-1999


Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve (Stanford University)

Trail 1 (Short Creek)
(1998; 4 days; 58 vols.): Slide repair and brushing.
Trail 2 (Long Creek)
(1998; see Trail 1, 1998): Reroute of trail above slide.
Trail 2 extension (Long Creek)
(1998-1999; 3 days; 36 vols.): Reopening abandoned trail; large amounts of poison oak removed.
Trail 3 (Woodland)
(1998; see Trail 1, 1998): Brushing and minor treadwork.
Trail 4 (Blue Oak)
(1988; see Trail 1, 1998): Brushing.
Trail 6 (Rocky Road)
(1998-1999; see Trail 2, 1998-1999): Short reroute out of gully.
Trail 7 (Hillside Lab)
(1998-1999; see Trail 2, 1998-1999): Drainage and brushing.
Trail 9 (Chaparral)
(1998-1999; see Trail 2 , 1998-1999): Brushing.
Trail 10 (Teasel)
(1998-1999; see Trail 2 , 1998-1999): Brushing.
Trail 11 (Fringe Pod)
(1997; 5 days; 75 vols.): Brushing.
Trail 12 (Mapache)
(1995-1996; 12 days; 190 vols.): Siltation above Searsville Lake and in the lake itself, resulting in rising water tables, had forced winter closure of the trail. We rerouted of 4 sections of trail to raise it above swampy areas. Included 2125 ft. of new trail construction, 450 ft. of maintenance, a 24 ft. bridge and an 80 ft. bridge/boardwalk. Since neither bridge was near a road, we had to haul in prodigious amounts of lumber and a generator. The project was featured on a short segment of a TV program.
(1997; see Trail 11 , 1997): Brushing, reroute of 150 ft.
(1999; 1 day; 19 vols.): Short reroute of a section built in 1996 that was in danger of washing out. The creek shifted dramatically after storms in 1997/1998. (See Trail Center Notes, this issue)
Building a bridge on Trail
Building a bridge on Trail "a" at Jasper Ridge, Spring 1999
Photo by David Croker
Trail a (Contact Trail)
(1998-1999; see Trail 2 , 1998-1999): Small plank bridge over a gully; tread maintenance.
Trail b (Garrya Trail)
(1998-1999; see Trail 2 , 1998-1999): Brushing, treadwork.
Trail c (Wislenzenii)
(1998-1999; see Trail 2 , 1998-1999): 1000 ft. of brushing and minor treadwork.

Junipero Serra County Park (SMC)

Junipero Serra Park Trail
(1986; 1 day): Drainage and trail repair.
Quail Loop Trail
(1986; see Junipero Serra Park Trail, 1986): Drainage and trail repair.
[Unspecified trail(s)]
(1985; SCMTD; cosponsored by SCMTA and Sempervirens Fund; 40 vols.): Trail maintenance.

Long Ridge Open Space Preserve (MROSD)

Peters Creek Trail (Jikoji Cutoff segment, aka Bohdi Cutoff)
(1988-1989; 4 days; 76 vols.): 3300 ft. Bay Area Ridge Trail segment connecting existing ranch road/trail at Jikoji Pond with Hickory Oaks Ridge Trail. MROSD later built a bridge across spillway and widened a few sections of trail.
(1992; CTD; 20 vols.): Maintenance between Grizzly Flat trailhead and to Peters Creek bridge.
[Trail to Vista Point (unnamed trail)]
(1988; CTD; 30 vols.):1/4-mile new side trail to vista point in Hickory Oaks Ridge portion of preserve. Intended to block steep, informal bicycle trail. Great views of Butano and the Pacific Ocean.
[Ward Road Link]
(1984; SCMTD co-sponsored by SCMTA and MROSD; 19 vols.): 1/4-mile new trail construction; now part of Bay Area Ridge Trail.

Los Altos Hills, Town of

Frampton Court Trail
(1993; 5 days; 102 vols.): 1200 ft. long new trail on public easement, connecting Frampton Court (off Magdalena Ave.) and Fernhill Dr.).
[Francemont Trail]
(1994; proposed): Reroutes and improvements to existing dirt road to create loop in LAH open space; possible connectors to Black Mountain Trail in Ranch San Antonio Open Space Preserve (MROSD).

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