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Theme: The Trail Center at the End of the Millennium

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Theme: The Trail Center at the End of the Millennium

A Catalog of Trail Projects, 1983-1999


Memorial Park (SMC)

Mt. Ellen Trail
(1990-1991; 10 days; 215 vols.). Reroute of 1/4-mile trail to the top of Mt. Ellen and tread maintenance on existing trail.

Mt. Ellen, 1990
Mt. Ellen, 1990

Monte Bello Open Space Preserve (MROSD)

[Bella Vista Trail]
(1992; proposed): Trail Center proposed constructing a trail connecting the Canyon Trail with Montebello Road in a different location than the one ultimately constructed by MROSD.

Parker Ranch (City of Saratoga)

Parker Ranch Trail
(1998; proposed): Reroute of major portions of Parker Ranch Trail, leading to Fremont Older Open Space Preserve; would have addressed 2 large slides and an extremely steep part of the trail.
Star Court-Diamond Oaks Trail
(1998, 3 days; 48 vols.): Reroute on a 400 ft. trail to make it useable year-round.

Pescadero Creek County Park (SMC)

Heritage Grove Trail
(1986; 1 day): Drainage and trail repair; step construction.
Shaw Flat Trail
(1984; SCMTD co-sponsored by SCMTA and SMC Parks; 13 vols.): Cleared 1 mile of trail.
[Unspecified trail(s)]
(1985; SCMTD; cosponsored by SCMTA and Sempervirens Fund; 22 vols.): Trail maintenance.
Upper Coyote Ridge Trail
(1992-1994; CTD (all days); 73 vols.): New trail construction on trail linking Tar Water Gap trailhead (Pescadero Creek) and Coyote Ridge Trail (Portola Redwoods State Park). Proposed as a project in partnership with Hewlett-Packard, but ultimately self-funded as California Trail Day projects. Most of trail within Portola constructed by CCC crews in 1994.

Phleger Estate (GGNRA)

Bay Area Ridge Trail route
(1999; proposed): Alternate RT route from Kings Mountain Community center to northwest corner of park, paralleling Hwy 35.
Lonely Trail (and others)
(1997; proposed): Trail maintenance and drainage work.

Portola Redwoods State Park

Upper Coyote Ridge Trail
(1992-1993; 1995; see Pescadero Creek County Park, Upper Coyote Ridge Trail, 1992-1993; 1995)

Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve (MROSD)

Polly Geraci Trail
(1988-1989; 11 days; 156+ vols.): Constructed 1.3-mile new trail ascending through oak woodlands to top of brushy knoll. Named by MROSD for a prominent open space activist killed in an auto accident. MROSD later constructed bridge across creek at bottom of trail. One of the best trails around for giant trillium and fetid adders tongues in early spring.

Purisima Creek Redwoods (MROSD)

Redwood Trail
(1986; 6 days): TC volunteers constructed the base tread for the 0.25 mile whole-access Redwood Trail, which travels through redwood groves off Skyline Blvd to two accessible picnic table and accessible restroom. An MROSD contractor finished the job with a layer of polymerized decomposed granite and guide rails.

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