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Theme: The Trail Center at the End of the Millennium

A Catalog of Trail Projects, 1983-1999


Ravenswood Preserve (MROSD)

Ravenswood Trail
(1985; 5 days): 5400 ft. long trail construction atop a levee. Construction consisted primarily of spreading gravel for tread surface. First major TIVC project.

Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve (MROSD)

Wildcat Loop Trail
(1988; CTD; 3 vols.): Restore trail intersection with High Meadow Trail.

Sanborn-Skyline County Park

Sanborn Trail
(1984; SCMTD; co-sponsored by SCMTA; 9 vols.): 1/4 mile reroute.
(1998; 5 days; 80 vols.): Tread restoration, water bars and a 200 ft. reroute.
Skyline Trail
(1989; CTD; 16 vols.): Short reroute, culvert installation and maintenance.
(1990; CTD; 45 vols.): Maintenance and restoration.
(1993; 1 day; 9 vols.): Maintenance.
(1998; see Sanborn Trail, 1998): Tread restoration; drainage work.
Skyline Trail to Lake Ranch
(1986; CTD [proposed]): A 2.5-mile extension of the Skyline Trail was planned, but carried out.
[Unspecified trail(s)]
(1985; SCMTD; cosponsored by SCMTA and Sempervirens Fund): Trail maintenance.

San Bruno Mountain County and State Park (SMC/State of California)

[Unspecified trail]
(1984; SCMTD co-sponsored by SCMTA and SMC Parks; 2 vols.): 1.4 mile of rocky trail repaired

San Mateo Shoreline (City of San Mateo)

Bay Trail
(1997; 4 days; 108 vols.): The paved Bay Trail runs along a levee in San Mateo-TC volunteers built a parallel alternative with a dirt and wood chip surface next to a tidal canal for wilder experience. The flat 0.7 mile long trail connects Ryder and Harborview Parks and is semi-accessible for wheelchair users (due to uneven surface).
(1998; 1 day; 10 vols.): Woodchips spread over half the length for improved accessibility during wet months.

Santa Teresa County Park (SCC)

Stile Ranch Trail
(1990-1991; 12 days; 1346 vols.); New Bay Area Ridge Trail segment across IBM easement, connecting Fortini Rd. and Mine Trail in Santa Teresa County Park. Massive rock walls at switchbacks built under direction of former Peace Corp road engineer Don Axtell can be easily seen from the air. Portable jackhammers were used in some areas. Dedicated in September of 1991.
(1992-1993; 1 day + CTD (1993); 45+ vols.): Tread maintenance and restoration. Adobe soil badly damaged by heavy equestrian and bicycle traffic.

Saratoga Gap Open Space Preserve (MROSD)

Saratoga Gap Trail
(1993; CTD; 9 vols.): Trail repair.

Bay Area Ridge Trail, Skyline Ridge Preserve, 1991
Bay Area Ridge Trail, Skyline Ridge Preserve, 1991

Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve (MROSD)

Ridge Trail (Hiking route)
(1991; 4 days; 113 vols.): Fully construct half of hiking alternate for Bay Area Ridge Trail on ridge south of Horseshoe Pond; complete tread and finish work on remainder (cut by trail machine).

Skylonda Fitness Resort

[Connector trails to Skyline Trail, Wunderlich/Huddart County Parks, La Honda Creek Open Space Preserve and El Corte de Madera Open Space Preserve]
(1992; proposed): Trails primarily for use by the resort, but with public access.

Stern Grove (City of San Francisco)

[Unnamed trail] (Bay Area Ridge Trail segment)
(1989; CTD; 8 vols.): Restoration and maintenance on a short RT connector.

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