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Theme: The Trail Center at the End of the Millennium

A Catalog of Trail Projects, 1983-1999


Stevens Creek County Park (SCC)

Stevens Creek Trail (aka Lower Stevens Creek Trail, REI Trail, Stevens Canyon Trail)
(1986-1987; 400+ vols.) New two-mile long new trail connects the Old Canyon Trail with the Stevens Canyon. REI provided BBQs throughout the project. Dedicated in May 1988. Longest new trail in TC history.
Culvert on the Stevens Creek Trail, Spring 1987
Culvert on the Stevens Creek Trail, Spring 1987
(1988-1990; CTD (1988, 1989) + 2 additional days; 54 vols.): Winter storm, slide damage repair; tread restoration.
(1998; 1 day + NTD; 92 vols.): Major restoration effort with several large retaining walls, slide cleanup, steps, a plank bridges and tread work to repair El Nino storm damage.
(1999; proposed): Bridge, step and boardwalk to replace creek crossing expected to fail with next heavy winter.
Stevens Creek Trail extension
(1988-1990; see Stevens Creek Trail, 1988-1990): Connector trail between Stevens Creek Trail and Lookout Trail/Madrone Group Area.

Sweeney Ridge (GGNRA)

Sweeney Ridge Notch Trail
(1992; proposed): Bay Area Ridge Trail segment; not built due to environmental impact and planning considerations.

Upper Stevens Creek County Park (SCC)

Alternate Trail
(1991; 1 day; 5 vols.): Brushing, light treadwork. One of only two workdays held on snowy trails.
(1992; 6 days; 60+ vols.): Trail maintenance and reroute of two steep sections a 2-mile, lightly-used, lightly-built trail which descends from Skyline Boulevard to Table Mountain parallel to Charcoal Road.
Stevens Canyon Trail
(1990; 4 days; 100+ vols.): Repair 1/2 mile of narrow but popular trail so County would agree to keep it open to bikes. We widened sections of the trail, and rerouted 1/4 mile of steep trail just south of the Table Mountain Trail and relocated the junction 100 yards up the canyon.
Bay Area Ridge Trail
(1991; see Alternate Trail, 1991): Tread maintenance and brushing.
Stevens Canyon Trail
(1991; CTD; 47 vols.): Maintenance work on connector between Lower and Upper Stevens Creek County Parks.
Table Mountain Trail
(1994; 4 days, 62 vols.): Repair 1.1 mile existing trail descending from Table Mountain to junction with Canyon Trail at Stevens Creek.

Windy Hill Open Space Preserve (MROSD)

[Connector to Spring Ridge Trail]
(1992; proposed): Trail would have replaced existing social trails cutting near inholdings between Corte Madera Creek and Spring Ridge Trails.
[Unspecified trail]
(1984; SCMTD co-sponsored by SCMTA and MROSD; 19 vols.): 100 ft. new construction and loop trail brushing.

Wunderlich County Park (SMC)

Alambique Trail
(1984; SCMTD co-sponsored by SCMTA and SMC Parks; 16 vols.): 1 mile of trail repair.
Bear Gulch Trail
(1985; 5 days): Trail restoration over 2.46 miles between park headquarters and The Meadows.
(1986; 1 day): Trail repair; construction of 400-ft. log fence in The Meadows for revegetation.
(1988; CTD): Tread restoration.
(1989; CTD + 1 day; 17+ vols.): General trail restoration-brushing, drain dips, etc.
(1990; CTD; 28 vols.): Tread restoration.
Skyline Trail
(1986; see Huddart Park, Skyline Trail, 1986): Trail repair.
(1989; CTD; 13 vols.): Finish work prior to dedication.
[Unspecified trail(s)]
(1985; SCMTD; cosponsored by SCMTA and Sempervirens Fund; 77 vols.): Trail maintenance.

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