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Winter 2001

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State Parks

The California State Park budget has been increased for the year 2001. The extra funding will go towards more land purchases and repairs of current facilities. Also, entrance fees to state parks are being cut in half, if not more. Former $6 entrance fees are now $3, and former $5 fees are $2. Several other fees are being reduced or eliminated. The increase in funding is due to several factors, including the good economy, the Proposition 12 bond act approved last March, and Governor Davis' friendliness towards parks.

Henry Coe State Park

The annual Coe Backcountry Weekend, held in the little- traveled east side of the 83,600 acre park is scheduled for April 28-29, 2001. This event, sponsored by the Pine Ridge Association, allows visitors vehicle access to a remote and beautiful area. Entry for the weekend is by reservation only. Flyers announcing the event and providing an application form are available at the Henry Coe Park web site; the REI stores in Berkeley, San Carlos, and Cupertino; Silacci's Feed Barn in Gilroy; Gunther's Feed Store in Morgan Hill; FISCO Farm 8e Home Store in Modesto; and at the Coe Park Visitor Center. Written requests for applications (self-addressed tamped business envelopes included) should be addressed to Application Forms, Coe Sector Office, S7SO Obata Way, Suite A., Gilroy, CA 9SO20
      Applications and entry fees, $10.00 per vehicle for day use, $20.00 per vehicle for overnight, must be postmarked by SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 2001. One vehicle per application, please. We strongly encourage car pooling. A random drawing will be held to meet the 350 vehicles per day space limitation. All unsuccessful application forms will be re-turned with their checks to the applicants. No dogs are allowed. Camp stoves will be permitted, but no open fires, barbecues, or hibachis. A group campfire will be held on Saturday night.

Packard Foundation

In 1998, the Packard Foundation set a goal of preserving 250,000 acres of open space, wildlife habitat and farmland in California over 5 years. The foundation has already met this goal, conserving 327,000 acres. Due to that success, the foundation has increased its land conservation goals to preserve 500,000 acres by 2003. The foundation has been focusing on three main areas: the central coast, the Central Valley and the Sierra Nevada. For more information, visit the foundation's website.

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