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Winter 2002

The Gazos Creek Mountain Camp, a Field Research Station

by Rick Powers

How would you like to experience the beauty of redwood trees, ferns, and waterfalls, while doing your part to restore native habitat? Located a few miles south of Pescadero at the end of Gazos Creek Road, the Pescadero Conservation Alliance's Field Research Station at Gazos Creek provides a beautiful setting for environmental teaching and restoration projects. Tall redwoods and Douglas fir surround the twenty small cabins, main lodge, and two classrooms where teacher's workshops, children's or other teaching programs can take place. The north and south forks of Gazos Creek flow on either side of the facility. The south fork has a lovely waterfall. Both the sounds of nature, and the silence at night are magnificent.
      The PCA Field Research Station was formerly known as The Mountain Camp, a wonderful camp for children from 1965 to 1989 run by Chuck Taylor. Over 10,000 children enjoyed this camp during those summers. The Sempervirens Fund purchased the camp in 1997. PCA began a lease with Sempervirens in June of 2000 to rehabilitate the buildings, restore the surrounding lands and develop environmental programs suitable for this stunning natural environment. The California Department of Parks has recently acquired the site and has allowed us to continue the lease arrangements.
      Both within the camp property and just beyond, hiking opportunities abound, including the Gazos Creek Trail now under construction. Big Basin State Park is only a 30-minute hike away. Butano and Año Nuevo State Parks lie just down Gazos Road. Come out for a visit and discover this wonderful resource for yourself!

For more info, contact David (Tex) Houston, Volunteer Coordinator, 650-739-0009 or visit the web site:

Rick Powers ( ) is a PCA volunteer extraordinaire who has put in countless hours to restore and improve the Mountain Camp.

Editor's note: Trail Center volunteers spent a number of days in 2001 working on improving a trail on Gazos Creek and expect to return this summer. This project is co-sponsored by the Pescadero Conservation Alliance (PCA), who have generously hosted our crews, supplied food and lodging, bridge materials, and unbounded enthusiasm.

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