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Trail Center
3921 E. Bayshore Rd.
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Ph.: (650) 968-7065

Map and Brochure Reference List

Park Brochures:

Note: Items marked with a "*" included on the Trail Center Map of the Southern Peninsula; items marked with a "**" included on the Trail Map of the Central Peninsula.

A. San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Al SFBNWR Brochure & Map
(also covered by map X18)

B. Golden Gate National Recreation Area

B0 General Brochure: San Francisco & Marin Co.
B1 Sweeney Ridge Brochure
(also covered by map X25 - Trail Map of Pacifica)
B3 Marin Headlands Dog Trails
B4 Phleger Estate
B5 Presidio

C. California State Parks System

C1 Angel Island State Park
C2 Año Nuevo State Reserve
C3 Big Basin Redwoods State Park
C4 Butano State Park
C5 Castle Rock State Park
C6 Forest of Nisene Marks State Park
C7 Henry W. Coe State Park
C8 Henry Cowell State Park
C9 California Public Piers Guide
C10 Wilder Ranch Nature Guide
C13 ** Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park
C14 * Portola Redwoods State Park
C15 Elkhorn Slough Reserve (Moss Landing)
C16 Fall Creek Redwoods State Park

D. MidPeninsula Regional Open Space District

D0 "Welcome to your Open Space" Brochure
D1 Etiquette: "All Users Are Not Equal"
D4 ** El Corte de Madera Creek Open Space Preserve (OSP)
D5 El Sereno OSP
D6 * Foothills OSP
D7 ** La Honda Creek OSP
D10 * Los Trancos OSP
D14 * Picchetti Ranch Area
D15 ** Pulgas Ridge OSP
D16 ** Purisima Creek Redwoods OSP
D17 * Rancho San Antonio OSP (includes most F16 trails)
D19 Ravenswood OSP
D22 Sierra Azul OSP - Kennedy Road/Limekiln Area
D23 Sierra Azul - Mt. Umunhum Area
D25 * Skyline Ridge OSP
D26 Saint Joseph's Hill OSP (?)
D27 Stevens Creek Shoreline Nature Study Area
D28 ** Teague Hill OSP
D29 ** Thornewood OSP
D30 * Windy Hill OSP
D31 * South Skyline Area Preserves (includes preserves marked "")

E. San Mateo County Parks

E0 All-Sites Brochure
E1 Coyote Point County Recreation Area
E2 ** Edgewood County Park
E3 Flood County Park
E5 ** Huddart County Park
E6 Fitzgerald Marine Reserve
E7 Junipero Serra County Park
E8 Pescadero Creek County Park
(includes Memorial and Sam McDonald Parks)
E13 Memorial County Park
E9 San Bruno Mountain State & County Park
E11 San Mateo County Historical Association Brochure
(Sanchez Adobe, Woodside Store, & Historical Museum)
E12 San Pedro Valley County Park
E14 ** Wunderlich County Park
E16 Mid-County Trails
(includes Sawyer Camp & San Andreas Trails)
E17 ** South County Trails
(includes Crystal Springs & Alpine Road Trails)

F. Santa Clara County Parks

F0 All-Sites Brochure
F1 Los Gatos Creek Trail + Vasona Lake County Park
F2 Almaden Quicksilver County Park
F3 Anderson Lake County Park
F4 Calero Reservoir County Park
F5 Coyote Creek Parkway + Hellyer County Park
F7 Coyote Lake County Park
F8 Edward R. Levin County Park (connects to J6)
F9 Field Sports County Park
F10 Joseph D. Grant Ranch County Park
F11 Lexington Reservoir County Park
F13 Motorcycle County Park
F14 Mount Madonna County Park
F15 Penitencia Creek County Park (see also G17)
F16 * Rancho San Antonio County Park (connects to D17)
F17 Sanborn-Skyline County Park
F18 Santa Teresa County Park
F19 * Stevens Creek County Park (see also D7)
F22 Uvas Canyon County Park
F23 Uvas Canyon Nature Trail Guide
F25 Villa Montalvo County Arboretum

G. City Parks

G1 Peninsula Watershed Trails (?)
G2 Mills Canyon Area (Burlingame)
G3 * Arastradero Preserve (Palo Alto)
G5 * Foothills Park (Palo Alto residents & guests only)
G6 ** Japser Ridge Biological Preserve - docent walks & info)
G8 * Hidden Villa (Los Altos Hills)
G9 Shoreline Park (Mountain View) (see also G23 & K3)
G10 Loch Lomond Recreation Area (near Santa Cruz)
G11 * Coal Mine Ridge (Portola Valley)
G12 * Coal Mine Ridge (Portola Valley)
G13 * Trails of Portola Valley Ranch
G14 ** Larry Lane Trail (Portola Valley)
G15 ** Filoli - garden tours and docent walks (Woodside)
G17 Alum Rock Park (San Jose) (connects to F15)
G18 Kelley Park (San Jose)
G19 Lake Cunningham Park (San Jose)
G20 Overfelt Gardens (San Jose) (near F15)
G21 Almaden Lake Park (San jose) (see also H06)
G22 Coyote-Guadalupe Riparian Trails & Greenways (San Jose)
G23 Baylands Nature Preserve (Palo Alto)
G24 ** Eaton-Big Canyon Trails (San Carlos)

H. Bay Area Ridge Trail Council

H0 Bay Area Ridge Trail Fact Sheet
Pocket guides written by local author Jean Rusmore:
H4 Presidio to Stern Grove (San Francisco)
H3 Stern Grove to Fort Funston (San Francisco)
H18 San Francisco Neighborhood Maps (4-map set)
H5 ** Purisima Creek Redwoods OSP
H8 ** Huddart Park + Skyline Trail to Wunderlich
H10 * Windy Hill
H9 * Russian Ridge to Saratoga Gap
H7 * Saratoga Gap to Sanborn-Skyline Park
H6 Santa Teresa; Los Alamitos & Calero Creeks
H11 Anthony Chabot Regional Park (Oakland)
H12 Chabot-to-Garin Regional Trail (Hayward)
H13 East Bay National Skyline Trail (Oak.-Berk.)
H14 Redwood Regional Park (Oakland Hills)
H15 Benecia-Vallejo Waterfront (Solanc, Co.)
H16 Mount Tamalpais State Park (Marin Co.)
H17 Sugarloaf State Park (Sonoma County)

J. East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD)

J0 All Sites Brochure
J3 Ardenwood Historical Preserve (Fremont)
J4 Coyote Hills Regional Park (Fremont)
J5 Del Valle Regional Park (Livermore)
J6 Mission Peak Regional Preserve (Fremont)
J7 Pleasanton Ridge Regional Preserve (Sunol)
J8 Sunol Regional Wilderness (Sunol)

(For other brochures, contact EBRPD or drop by Ardenwood).

K. Bay Trail Maps (there are 9 in all + a guidebook)

Map 1 Golden Gate & San Francisco
Map 2 San Francisco Peninsula
Map 3 South Bay

L. Bike Route Maps

L1 SF Peninsula County Bike Transportation Map
(San Francisco to Palo Alto - Barclay Maps)
L12 Bikeways of Santa Clara County
L13 Santa Cruz County Bikeways
L14 Palo Alto Bike Routes
L15 Sunnyvale Bicycle Map
L16 Mountain View Bicycle Map

X. Miscellaneous Flyers:

Note: Please see our Guides section for most of the following publications

X4 Facts about Poison Oak
X5 Facts about Lyme Disease in CA
X6 Camping in the Peninsula & South Bay
X7 Disabilities/ Whole Access Trails
X8 Horse Trails in the Santa Cruz Mtns & foothills
X9 Where to hire a horse for riding
X10 Parks for You and Your Dog
X10a MROSD dog regulations
X10b Arastradero Dog Regulations (was G4)
X11 Where can you Mountain Bike?
X12 Running Trails in the Bay Area (Info Sheet)
X19 Mountain Lion Information
X20 Transit Outdoors Map & Pamphlet
G7 Jasper Ridge Bird List (good for all Peninsula foothills)

Privately Published Maps

Krebs Cycle Products
Excellent, slightly funky, color-coded mountain bicycling maps are also useful references for hikers and equestrians. Durable plastic paper.

X17 S.F. Peninsula & Santa Cruz Mountains
(Bike trails of the Santa Cruz Mountains from tip to toe).
X18 South San Francisco Bay
(Bayland bike trails + inland South Bay & EBRPD parks).
Olmsted & Bros. Map Co.
X21 Mount Tamalpais & Marin Headlands
X22 East Bay Hills (Northern Section)
(Wildcat, Tilden, and Briones Regional Parks)
X23 East Bay Hills (Central Section)
(Redwood, Chabot, & Las Trampas Regional Parks)
X24 San Francisco (good map of northern 2/3 of City)
Other Publishers
X25 Trail Map of Pacifica (Pease Press)
(Sweeney Ridge, Montara Mountain, beaches, and more!)
X26 Skyline to the Sea Trail/ Big Basin (2-map set)
X27 Mount Diablo State Park

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