National Trails Day 1999 - Castle Rock

      We're glad you can join us for National Trails Day at Castle Rock State Park!

      No experience is necessary - all you need is a love for the outdoors. Just bring sturdy shoes or boots, long sleeves and pants, sunscreen, water, a snack, and gloves if you have them. Trail builders will meet at 8:30 am and work until 2:00 pm - (it's important to arrive promptly, or the entry gate may be locked).

      Schedule of Events

Time Event
7:45 a.m. TC organizers arrive at Partridge Farm area to set up signs
8:00 Any Mountain organizers arrive at Partridge Farm area and begin set-up for registration.
8:15-8:30 Tool crew unloads tools at main CR parking area
8:15-8:45 Registration at Partridge Farm.
8:30-8:45 Welcome and orientation for volunteers (includes overview of project, safety talk)
8:45 Shuttle to main CR parking area. Division of volunteers into crews 1-2 and X (stair crew)
8:55 Crews 1-2, X head to work areas
8:45-9:00 Welcome and orientation for volunteers (2nd round) (includes overview of project, safety talk)
9:00 Shuttle to main CR parking area. (2nd round). Division of volunteers into crews 3-5
9:10 Crew 3-5 head to work areas
9:25 Latecomers shuttle to CR parking area. Crew 6 forms.
9:35 Crew 6 heads for work area
12:00 Snack break
1:30 Organizers begin set up for celebration at Partridge Farm
2:30 Ribbon cutting at Castle Rock for newly opened trail
2:45 Trail crews return to main parking lot for shuttle to Partridge Farm. Tool crew gathers and puts away tools.
3:10 Celebration begins. Presentations, raffles, etc. and BBQ!

      Notes for Volunteers

      Work Areas and Crew Assignments

Work to be Done
1. Upper end of reroute Scott Heeschen, Dave Keeson Crew will construct a rock retaining wall and construct short length of trail; Some rocks may be collected locally, but crew should use wheelbarrow to collect rocks from down the trail-many rocks stockpiled that will have to be cleaned up by end of the day Mattocks, bent shovels, McLeods, 1 or 2 picks, rock bar, lopper, saw, wheelbarrow, 1st Aid kit, safety goggles
2. Upper end of reroute Tim Oren Crew will connect existing trail to section constructed by Crew 1. No technical areas. Rocks uncovered should be sent to Crew 1 for use on rock wall. Mattocks, bent shovels, McLeods, lopper, rock bar, saw, 1 pulaski, safety goggles
3. Upper end of old trail Darwin Poulos, [Ben Pease] Crew will use logs and debris to close off top of old trail (come-along will be available). "Trail Closed" sign may be installed. Crew will work down trail to remove berm, clear drains (at timbers) and restore tread to natural conditions. Scarification as needed/possible. Brush and debris may be collected from surrounding area. Use trails should be addressed as time permits (1 well-established) Mattocks, bent shovels, McLeods, loppers, saws, 1 pulaski, come-along
4. Lower end of old trail (from saddle) Pat Oren, Bill Henzel Same procedures as Crew 3. Prominent use trail to be closed Same as for Crew 3, plus 1st Aid kit
5. Lower end of reroute Cathy Sewell, [Boyd Wise] Crew will construct tread from stairs to saddle. Some poison oak and old barbed wire in area. Close off new use trail from bottom of stairs; restore with debris. Brushing tools needed. Mattocks, bent shovels, McLeods, loppers, saws, 1 pulaski
6. Area near switchback and elsewhere on trail Rich Allsop, [Dave Croker, Bob Kelly] Crew will widen trail below switchback, then clean up problem areas all along reroute. Mattocks, bent shovels, McLeods, 1st Aid kit.
X. Stair crew Dave Croker, Bob Kelly 4 people (total) to finish putting in stakes for stairs. Members will join other crews upon completion OR work on other problem spots. Bent shovels, 2 sledges, safety goggles



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