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Ebbetts Pass - Joint Project with the PCTA

The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,650 mile trail running from Canada to Mexico, and is considered one of the most scenic and important world-class trails on the planet. The Pacific Crest Trail Association is a group that coordinates the continuing development, use, maintenance and support for this trail. As Californians we should feel privileged to be so close to this trail which is enjoyed each year by many thousands of visitors from around the globe.

Ebbetts Pass was used by the Miwok and Washoe Indians in the area to cross the mountains, and it was most likely the route taken by Jedediah Smith in late spring of 1827 when leaving California at the urging of Mexican officials, as well as by John Bidwell on his emigration to California.

For our trail-building event we have a unique opportunity to join with the US Forest Service and other members of the PCTA to do trail clearing and repair in the High Sierras.

Elevation is around 8730 feet in the imposing and geologically diverse Mokelumne Wilderness. The work is moderate to strenuous, and will involve brush removal, tread reconstruction and the use of traditional tools.

Location: Ebbetts Pass, California - Pacific Crest Trail

Directions: To get to Ebbetts Pass, take Route 4. Driving time from the Bay Area will probably be about 4 hours.

We will be staying at the Silver Creek Campground, which is about 5.7 miles east of the Pass on Highway 4.

Agency: USFS - Humboldt-Toiyabe Ranger District

Supervisor: Dave Harrison - 775-220-0689

Project Lead: Hank Magnuski - 650-714-2409

Additional Information: The USFS requires that each volunteer have the following personal protective equipment: a long-sleeve shirt, long pants, sturdy boots (no sneakers), work gloves and a hard-hat. The PCTA will supply hard hats if you do not already have one, but the other items are your responsibility.

Participants should also bring a small day pack to hold items such as water, lunch, snacks, sunscreen, sun-glasses, rain gear, camera, etc.

For camp and trail work consider the following items:

  • Tent or other packable shelter
  • Sleeping bag - temps can get down to 30 at night
  • Eating utensils, plate, cup, bowl
  • Personal hygiene items - this is a back country trip, so plan accordingly (we will establish a community latrine)
  • Large water bottles or the equivalent - hydration is very important at this altitude
  • Sun screen - spf 30 or better - you're two miles closer to the sun here. Don't forget your sunglasses, too.
  • Bug repellent - something with plenty of deet is best
  • Portable camp chair, if you have one

Also, if you have not submitted an updated Volunteer Profile form, please do so ASAP.

Thursday, July 24, 2014 - The Pacific Crest Trail - Ebbetts Pass South


7/24 Thursday --

All volunteers should arrive at the campground by Thursday evening. If possible, arrive earlier in the day to allow additional time to acclimatize to the high altitude and to setup camp.

You will need to provide your own meals for Thursday evening. The PCTA will supply meals on Friday, Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

7/25 Friday --

Everyone should be packed and ready to start work at 8:00 am. We will have a safety talk and description of the work activities for the weekend.

We will be repairing damage to the trail section south of Ebbetts Pass.

Work will continue until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. There are frequently brief afternoon thunderstorms in the Sierra, so be prepared.

When we return to camp there will be a happy hour followed by dinner around 6 pm.

7/26 Saturday --

We will rejoin the USFS and other PCTA volunteers for a regular workday, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

7/27 Sunday --

We will join the USFS and other PCTA volunteers for work in the morning, but we will break early, probably around 1 pm. Lunch will be supplied. You will be able to get Sunday dinner on your drive home.

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