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Trail Building Projects

Tool Party, Volunteer Appreciation and Annual Meeting

Time to give our tools a little TLC after a season of hard work on the trail and time to reflect on our accomplishments over the past year! We'll spend the early afternoon sharpening and repairing tools, then relax with a pot-luck dinner and a slide show featuring the stunning photographs of David Croker and Alan Justice. We'll also take a short time to convene our annual meeting to take a look at the Trail Center in 2000 and elect new and returning members of the Board of Directors.
      You are welcome to come to the sharpen tools and stay for rest, or simply come for the celebration. No tool sharpening or repair experience needed.

      For a look at last year's party, see the Trail Center Notes in the Winter 2000 Trail Companion.

Directions: Please contact us for directions if you would like to attend this event.

Sunday, November 5 - Tool Party, Volunteer Appreciation and Annual Meeting
12 Noon-4:30: Sharpen and repair tools, clean trailer
4:30-5:30: Dinner and brief Annual Meeting
5:30-7:00: Slide show by David Croker and Alan Justice

Information on selected past projects available from the Project Information index.
     See our Calendar & Activity Guide for additional volunteer opportunities.


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