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Project Information Sheet

Canyon Trail

Arguello Park, San Carlos, CA


Although neighborhood parks surround the City of San Carlos' Arguello Park, access is limited to two entrances on the western edge and from the school below the park. Residents in the surrounding neighborhoods have long requested increased access; the City recently agreed to fund construction of a trail connecting the street at the top of the canyon with the playing field. The City will also fund improvements to existing trails throughout the park.

Project Description

The trail construction project consists of four distinct segments (from bottom to south):
     Segment 1. Approx. 250 ft. Connection between trail from parking area to unnamed road. Drainage problems near lower end. Little poison oak; mostly grass. [largely completed, 1/20/96]
     Segment 2. Approx. 200 ft. Connection between unnamed road and 4-H camp. Small slump at lower end. Some poison oak.
     Segment 3. Approx. 800 ft. Connection between 4-H camp and Northam Ave. Heavy blackberry thicket near lower end; moderate poison oak. Route passes under large oaks (some chainsaw work required). Two creek crossings (culverts needed). Last 12 feet of vertical climb will be achieved with stairs.
     Segment 4. Approx. 400 ft. Connection between Segment 3 above upper creek crossing and Highland Dr. Large amount of broom; little poison oak. Route crosses "bike chute"; care should be observed when working near the chute. Stairs may be constructed for the top few feet.

     Technical Specifications:
     Trail Width: 3 ft.
     Trail Use: Hiking, but trail will be used by bicycles
     Maximum Grade: 10%
     Outslope: 2-3% (standard)
     Flagging: At grade level
     Hazards and Other Considerations: poison oak, wasps (possible); blackberry vines.
     Expected Number of Workdays: 5-6
     Access to Worksite: For Segments 1-2, access will be from parking area; for 3-4, from area at top of canyon.
     Water, Restrooms, Picnic Area: Adjacent to playing field

Emergency: 911 from pay phone located at elementary school below playing field

Nearest Hospital: Sequoia Hospital (Alameda de las Pulgas and Whipple Ave., Redwood City, (415) 369-5811


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