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Project Information Sheet

Trail Reroutes and Maintenance

Parker Ranch (City of Saratoga)
Summer 1998

Background: The Parker Ranch subdivision was constructed in the early 1980s. As a requirement for approval of the subdivision, a number of trail easements were designated throughout the area. Very little maintenance has been done since initial construction. The Trail Center has been hired to repair damage to several trails and construct a major reroute on the Parker Ranch Trail, which connects to Fremont Older Open Space Preserve.

Project Description: The maintenance project takes place on several trails.

  • Star Ridge/Diamond Oaks Trail: Reroute approx. 400 ft. of trail; close existing trail and restore to natural conditions; relocate trail signs. [COMPLETED]
  • Parker Ranch Trail: Approx. 2200 ft. reroute to address landslides along Prospect Creek on lower half (1100 ft.) and erosion/drainage problems on upper half (1100 ft.) due to poor layout. Create drain dips as needed. Close existing trail and restore to natural conditions; relocate trail signs.
  • Signage (various locations): Install, relocate and replace trail signs.
  • Trail closures (two locations): Plant shrubs and spread topsoil to close two trails.
  • Bicycle barriers (two locations): Replace and relocate barriers
  • Brushing and miscellaneous maintenance (five locations): Clear brush to restore full trail width. Regrade and repair tread at two locations.

      Anticipated Number of Work Days: 10-11

      Expected Date of Completion: Spring 1999

Technical Specifications:

  • Trail Width: 3-4 ft.
  • Maximum Grade: 11%
  • Outslope: 2-3% (standard)
  • Flagging: At grade level (consult crew leader)
  • Hazards and Other Considerations: poison oak, wasps (possible), ticks, woodrat nests.
  • Water: No water available; Trail Center will supply as needed.

      Emergency: Nearest public phone is at Saratoga Country Club; use cell phones or neighbors to call 911.

      Nearest Hospital: Santa Clara Medical Center, 900 Kiely Blvd., Santa Clara. From Parker Ranch Rd, right onto Prospect Rd, left on Lawrence Expy.; right onto Homestead Rd.; left onto Kiely Blvd. and go 0.5 miles (8.2 mi.; approx. 18 min.)

      Driving Directions: For most work days, meet at the intersection of Parker Ranch Rd., Parker Ranch Ct. and Prospect Rd. From Hwy. 85, go west on De Anza Blvd. 0.5 mi., then turn left on Prospect Rd. Stay on Prospect Rd. as it veers left over the railroad tracks and travel approx. 0.7 mi. past the Parker Ranch Rd. intersection. Turn left at the SECOND Parker Ranch Rd. intersection. Check with the Trail Center Office for changes.

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