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Project Information Sheet

Bay Trail

(City of San Mateo)
Summer 1998

Background: The City of San Mateo is beginning a project to restore and improve the San Francisco Bay shoreline. As part of the project, the City asked the Trail Center to construct a new footpath linking Ryder and Harborview Parks, which was completed in July 1997 and is designated as part of the Bay Trail. The new trail runs between a drainage canal and a paved trail on the levee (also Bay Trail) and will provide access to new interpretive stations planned along the revitalized canal. The tread is presently dirt and will be surfaced with wood chips provided by the City.

Project Description:

      Approx. 3050 ft. between Ryder and Harborview Parks to be covered with wood chips. The City will place piles of chips at close intervals along trail and volunteers will spread them to cover tread. Area has been mowed, but some weeds may need to be removed before chips are spread. Drainage in one area must be improved.

Technical Specifications:
  • Trail Width: 3.5 ft. with 5 ft. pull-outs at 100 ft. intervals
  • Trail Use: Hiking, but wheelchair accessible with pull-outs
  • Maximum Grade: 6% (short steeper sections possible)
  • Outslope: 2-3% (standard)
  • Surface: Packed earth
  • Flagging: At grade level
  • Hazards and Other Considerations: none expected
  • Expected Number of Workdays: 1-2
  • Access to Worksite: Lot at Ryder Park, Bayshore Park & Ride (Access from E. 3rd. Ave) (south end of trail)
  • Water, Restrooms, Picnic Tables: Provided by the City

      Emergency: 911 from pay phones located at southeast and northwest corners of intersection of Norfolk and E. 3rd Ave (J. Hart-Clinton Drive)

      Nearest Hospital: San Mateo County General, 222 W. 39th Ave., San Mateo (415) 573-2222

      Driving Directions: From Hwy 101, take the E. 3rd Ave. exit. Travel east ¼ mi. past intersection Norfolk Ave. Make a U-turn after bridge to access parking lot for Ryder Park.

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