Project: Sugarloaf Mountain Open Space - City of San Mateo

Amphitheater Trail

Activities: We will perform tread repair and drainage work on the trail we built in 2013-14, the Amphitheater Trail in San Mateo's Laurelwood park. For awhile it seemed our trail was holding up quite well, but the most recent rains have done what they're doing everywhere, overtaxed the hillside system to bring out problems we never would have noticed. The very popular Amphitheater trail has been walked by hook or by crook, with shortcuts and go-arounds compounding the weather damage. The trail is poison-oak-free, but work off to the side will expose you to newly leafing-out p.o.

Rain Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017


Project: Henry Cowell Redwoods SP - Fall Creek Unit

Update Feb. 22, 2017: Work day is cancelled due to conditions not permitting access to worksite.

Fall Creek Trail

Activities: We will work with State Parks staff to address two slides that occurred recently on the Fall Creek Trail. Volunteers will remove soil from the area and restore the trail bench. The hike into the sites will be 1-2 miles long one way. Be prepared for plenty of mud.

Note that the project location may move based on the areas of greatest need within the Santa Cruz District state parks. Watch the website or keep and] eye out for emails from our volunteer coordinator for updates.

Photo credit: by J. Maughn, licensed under Creative Commons


Project: Portola Redwoods State Park (main park areas)

Slate Creek Trail

Activities: We will work with State Parks staff to install retaining structures at key points in the Slate Creek Trail and possibly perform general trail maintenance in the vicinity.

Canceled due to excessive/anticipated rain not allowing for work.

We will attempt to do the work on our next scheduled work day, February 11, 2017.


Project (click for directions): Tool Party and Annual Meeting

Tool Maintenance and Trailer Cleanup

Activities: Work will start around 10:30 or 11:00 a.m. and continue until done. The Annual Meeting is planned to start at 4:00 pm. Pizza's on at 5:00 pm. Snacks are provided and there will be a special presentation at the end of the day.


Project: Bay Area Ridge Trail - Saratoga Gap Open Space Preserve

Bay Area Ridge Trail - REI Service Day

NOTE: Unfortunately the Saratoga Gap event that Trail Center is running on November 5 is filled. Please do not just show up for our event, as we have already accounted for possible no-shows in the registration! But there are many other Ridge Trail events on November 5. The official link is but sometimes it isn't working, so you might want to use the Eventbrite site to sign up: Thanks very much for your interest.

Activities: We will be improving sections of the Saratoga Gap Trail, including areas that need crushed rock added to fill in exposed roots and eroded tread, cleaning drainage culverts, removing old barbed wire fencing, restoring tread width by removing duff, and general clean-up. This is a popular multi-use trail, including mountain biking, so the improvements will be done with an eye towards accommodating all uses. The work will mostly be under tree cover.

Parking will be at the Caltrans vista point lot on the southeast corner of the Skyline Blvd. (Highway 35) and Highway 9 intersection. See the project link above for detailed directions. Volunteers should wait in the lot for announcements and their crew assignments. Crew leaders will then take volunteers to various staging points to get tools and instructions on their particular tasks. Volunteers should take their water, snacks, and daypack with them as they will not return to the parking lot until the end of the event. Volunteers should also exercise extreme care when crossing Highway 9 to access the Saratoga Gap Trailhead.

Rain Date: Saturday, November 19, 2016 (in place of the tool party)


Project: Portola Redwoods State Park (Upper Coyote Ridge Trail)

Upper Coyote Ridge Trail

Activities: We will continue work we began in August on the Upper Coyote Ridge Trail. We will start at Tarwater Trailhead on San Mateo County Parks property and work our way down. We will focus on tread restoration, brushing, and cutting back low-lying grass, vines and poison oak.

This is absolutely the perfect place to get away from scorching heat on the Peninsula. Come join us to fix this trail.

Time/Place: Assemble at 8:30 a.m. for our safety talk and crew assignments. Work begins at 9:00 a.m. See project link above for directions.


Project: San Mateo Memorial Park - Mt. Ellen Trails

Mt. Ellen Trails

Activities: Ranger David Vasquez has requested help in restoring and fixing the Mt. Ellen Trails. This work will involve brushing, tread maintenance and reopening a section closed by fallen trees.

This will be a great place to be in early September. Please join us for a day in this park.