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Trail Center Information

Trail Resources

Trail Information

The Trail Center is your best resource for local park information. For hikers, cyclists, equestrians, runners, campers and the physically challenged, our maps cover parks and open space in San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz Counties.

The Trail Companion

Our newsletter includes trail information, volunteer opportunities and updates on open space issues. The Trail Center also publishes a calendar of outdoor events sponsored by a variety of organizations, for a diversity of trail users. For more information, see the Newsletter pages.

Trail Mapping Projects

Our volunteers are involved in ongoing mapping projects of Peninsula area trails. The Trail Center produced the popular Peninsula Parklands map, a colorful guide to parks and open space preserves from San Francisco to Santa Cruz; our Trail Map of the Southern Peninsula, the most accurate guide to 150 miles of trails between Windy Hill and Saratoga Gap; and the companion Trail Map of the Central Peninsula, covering the region between Windy Hill and Highway 92. We are currently preparing to update the Trail Map of the Central Peninsula, a companion to the Southern Peninsula map. For more information, see the Mapping section.

Volunteer Trail Work Projects

There are many opportunities for you to give something back to your local parks. Trail building and restoration projects are held year-round; other outdoor work projects include mapping and cleanup activities. Come join our trail crews or become a volunteer crew leader. Crew leaders are trained in leadership, tool use, safety and trail building techniques. Get some exercise, meet new friends, and have lots of fun. For more information, visit our Trail Building pages

Trail Advocacy

Whether you ride a mountain bike or a wheelchair, a horse or hiking boots, the Trail Center is your advocate for issues that affect trails and open space. The Trail Center promotes new regional trails such as the Stevens Creek Trail and the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

Speak out for public policy in support of multi-use trails. The Trail Center works closely with local organizations and park agencies to build and maintain a system of multi-use trails to provide access for everyone.

Membership Benefits

Become a supporter of the Trail Center and make friends while making a difference. As a member you'll receive:

  • A subscription to The Trail Companion, our newsletter of trail information and issues

  • Special notices of volunteer projects

  • The feeling of satisfaction knowing you support outdoor recreation access and volunteer opportunities for all trail users

See our Membership page for more information

Volunteer Opportunities

The wealth of public land and open space in the Bay Area is a treasure to value and protect. You can join the hundreds of volunteers who give back to the land through the Trail Center's programs: trail building, restoration, mapping, and other hands-on projects. Help build awareness and support for trails and open space. See our Volunteer!page for more information.

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